Atravessamento [Crossing] galvanized steel electric cable tray 2011-14

With holes drilled at regular intervals, the surface of the piece offers a complex play of opacities and transparencies. As we move about the room, a sensitive optical and luminescent dance flits across the walls of the piece, revealing a series of multiple metal layers like an immanent X-ray. Here as elsewhere, the experience of the gaze is interwoven with the phenomenology of the body. And it should not be otherwise. After all, contrary to the assumptions of the perspectivist analysis, we do not see the world in a static or monocular fashion, as if our eyes were mere meeting points for geometric coordinates. Eliane sees vision as an incarnate device that as such depends on our own subjective activity. The constructive appearance of the work is merely a strategic diversion. Albeit obviously geometric and projective, the overall structure of the work calls for the scrutiny of living experience. The work introduces new architectural pathways, involving not only the eye but also the body, the sense of touch, and even the hearing of the viewer, who now finds himself impelled to engage in sensory exploration.

Artur Freitas, critic and historian, in Crossing or the Anthropological Space,
text of the catalog Eliane Prolik Crossing, 2012, MuMA – Curtiba, Brazil



Atravessamento [Crossing] 2,27 x 5,53 x 30,50 m
Oscar Niemeyer Museum - Curitiba 2014

          Atravessamento [Crossing] 1,95 x 1,05 x 12,00 m 
      Caixa Cultural - Brasília 2011

Atravessamento [Crossing] 2,27 x 12,03 x 6,13 m
Museu Municipal de Arte - Curitiba 2012