Red Ahead, 2015 -  video 3’, acm stainless steel plate, red acrylic box-module and adhesive film on emergency light





Eliane Prolik’s red light paradoxically talks about of two dynamics converge and rub in the polysemic symbolism of color: the urban, public dynamic scratching our habitat and our perception with its light rays (such as safety, danger warnings) and human dynamics (which refers to the internal nature that penetrates the blood, the libido, the vital flow, the history of emotions).This double incarnation of light provides to Red Ahead (2015) its ample power, its open sensory and conceptual layers: it is an entangled light in the polis and, at the same time, the corpus as an indivisible flow: light guts and visual physicality (indoor and outside of our life both collective and intimate). Flow, therefore, current, movement, speed and, therefore, more temporal than spatial index, despite so strong and even, we would say, blinding appearances in its thickness of the real. Red Aheadis more movement and speed that saved, stratified space, although never cease to be precisely matrix node, blind spot that radiates reverberations, resonances (always more disturbing than comforting).

Adolfo Montejo Navas, critic and curator,in Flow and Matrix (or vice versa), 
text of the Red Ahead poster, 2015, MON – Curitiba, Brazil