Tapume [Hoarding] 2013-14 aluminum-zinc alloy coated sheet steel roofing 2,09 x 0,90 x 0,57 m (unit)

The Tapume [Hoarding] work materials are metallic sheets used for industrial roofs that also delimit lands in the city. The name of the sculpture means a temporary fence within the urban space, a wall for new civil constructions, that is, the element that impedes the sight and protects or isolates a provisional area with certain vulnerability. Therefore, it is a boarder.

In this Eliane Prolik’s work, the set of pieces is formed by vertical modules that are almost anthropomorphic in their size (in relation to our scale and verticality) and which are the result of the sum of layers of sheets (roofs and walls) screwed or narrowed for support. They are autonomous, cellular buildings and, above all, they are hollow. Paradoxically, they are not walls, since they broaden perceptive perspectives; they not only reveal their emptiness but they stretch the horizon that allows the contemplation of the other, the difference of the other side, through the created hollow spaces. This device embraces our own reflection in the metallic surface and the multitude of images created in each space of their reliefs. The prism and the beehive appearing here bring a sense of collectivity, habitat and function as a vehicle of our being.

Adolfo Montejo Navas, critic and curator, in text liminal actions of seeing in Tapume [Hoarding], 2019