Capulus, stainless steel, 2001-14


Capulus is an articulation. The nature of an articulation is to enable connections and movement. Solid bodies but endowed with malleability, Capulusarticulates the architectural space in which it is contained. It rests on the plane of the walls and is drawn by the emptiness of space. It would not be incorrect to say that these shapes sew the solidity of the walls to the air and the emptiness. And it is only as a body of articulation that it becomes work. Capulus recalls an action of the drawing, a line in categorical affirmation and that gives the absence to the condition of the body. Capulusrecalls scriptural operations, notably those that rely on minimal conjunctions to open up to a myriad of meanings.

Marco Mello, historian and art dealer, 2002

           Capulus 1,80 x 1,40 m - 2012
          Capulus 2,20 x 1,80 m - 2012
          Detalhe de Capulus 2,40 x 8,50 x 0,50 m - 2014

Capulus 2,40 x 8,50 x 0,50 m
Oscar Niemeyer Museum – Curitiba, 2014