Her oeuvre, consisting basically of sculptures, objects and interventions in space, is not only based on the creation of a personal vocabulary, but also on the discussions it triggers, in the relations it establishes with its surroundings and the tradition to which it belongs. At the same time, contrary to the idea of sculpture as an object that founds a space and defines experiences, this is a work that seeks the transient, registering the light and the movements, operating with physical displacements of perception and meaning, and which refuses the comfort of a stable, known place. Some works give priority to a rarified visibility, while immediately afterwards, in another series, the artist exacerbates the presence of bodies through their materiality and heat. She plays with ambiguity and paradox, and, at times, makes use of a subtle and surprising humor, challenging linear narratives and simple interpretations. She proposes a specific status for each group of works, determined by conceptual, formal and material strategies that orientate each project and give rise to their precise and unique political insertion. The result is a singular work, with a pragmatic character and determination, which constitutes a body of work, that is one of the most articulated and representative of the possibilities and place for sculpture in Brazil today.

Ivo Mesquita, critic and curator, in text published in the book Noutro Lugar, 2005



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